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What is an universal garage door remote?

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An universal garage door remote is deemed to be the best replacement for households needing another gadget for the same purpose. It could be programmed to work for different garage door openers and saves families extra time in looking for the same items.

As all garage doors are operated with a motor and are moving on a track, having an universal garage door remote just limits the various actions in opening and closing operations of the same point of entry. Particularly when the remote is misplaced or malfunctioning, then the universal garage door remote is the quickest way to have even greater ease and convenience as it works with the leading brands in the market, usually listed in the manual.

Despite the garage door remotes not being compatible with other openers, it still leads among similar products nowadays. This is because it can be easily programmed either by using switches to find the suited to a certain brand, or with a push button on the motor housing. Instructions on how to go about these always come with every purchase of a remote garage door opener.


This universal garage door remote brand is a good replacement for a broken or missing remote control as it is compatible with most garage door openers. It has an “intelligent button” that fixes one or both programming in a click.

As an environment-friendly universal garage door remote, the Chamberlain uses less plastic and is crafted to work with different brands. If you simply want to add another garage door remote for your family’s convenience, then the Chamberlain is best that already comes with solo coin cell batteries.

The access and the security of your garage and home won't have to be a source of worry with this type of universal garage door remote because the Chamberlain works to provide all these with great convenience. The product also allows you dual operation of two brands and frequencies at the same time.

SkyLink 69N

This universal garage door remote is suited for most brands of garage door openers manufactured until the year 2004. The SkyLink 69N works wonders despite its small size as it presents the convenience of being carried around by homeowners. It can be operated within a hundred feet or more for greater convenience and ease. The SkyLink 69N also comes with an alkaline battery of 12 volts.

This minute-sized universal garage door remote can be carried in a pocket or purse and is ideal for smaller vehicles like convertibles, and for motorcycles and bicycles as well. Best of all these, the SkyLink 69N fits in just about any car remote compartment!

Some universal garage door remotes that come with dual buttons for simultaneous operations of two formats are compatible with most popular brands. They also work well with code rotating technologies of different leading brands to provide your garage and homes added security and protection. Being a wonderful surprise, the product 3 should be a perfect gift for family and friends as it renders their garage operations great ease!

If you have a home with gates and two garages or more, then product 3 offers the great convenience of operating two separate openings and closings simultaneously. It has a range of operation of more than 100 feet as well.

Clicker for your garage door

Another leading universal garage door remote would be the Clicker. Whether you need a new remote or your old unit has been worn or misplaced, then the Clicker is a good choice of replacement. It could be programmed so easily as it matches the codes of almost all the automatic garage doors opener in the market today.

The Clicker opens one or two garage entrances, and does that same with gates. More than being an universal garage door remote, the Clicker can also be programmed to turn the lights on and off in your home, although it may be an additional cost as the remote light control is sold separately.

A must accessory for your garage doors

You could also ponder on getting garage door accessories to achieve an over-all improvement in the efficiency, security and protection of your garage. Add to your universal garage door remote the garage door suppressor for lightning strikes and events of power outages and fluctuations. Also, you could buy the universal garage door monitor as it gives visual alerts if unauthorized and unexpected openings to your garage door are detected.

So whether your old item is lost or not functioning properly, or you just want the added convenience to operating your garage doors, the answer is always the remotes like this! Get one and get those good nights’ of sleep!

Universal garage door remote

Universal garage door remote is the latest gadget, which is of best use in household. This device can be modified such that it can suit any garage door providing easier use to the family members instead of having separate remote for separate doors. Anyone can save the time by using the same remote rather than carrying different remotes. It becomes handy where there is much use of garage doors for automobiles. It can also ensure that the garage is not opened unnecessarily since a responsible individual holds the remote.

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